Farmers Keeping Calm in Face of Drought

OrchardTALENT, Ore. — Drought-like conditions continue throughout the state of Oregon, and some farmers say they are starting to grow concerned, but they are not ready to declare a disaster quite yet.

Only a little over half of an inch of rain has fallen in the Rogue Valley this year, but farmers are remaining optimistic.

Orchardists are using the dry weather to their advantage, preparing their crops for spring, but they say there can be too much of a good thing and if the drought conditions persist irrigation districts may have to shut down early next year.

Some farmland is not completely dry. Over at Ron Bjork’s farm in Eagle Point, low parts of the land are muddy. Ron Bjork is waiting it out though to see what happens. He thinks there will be more rain to come in the near future. For now, he says the fog is keeping the moisture in the ground.

Both farmers say they’ve seen drought like conditions at this time in the season before, but were able to still get by, thanks to irrigation systems come planting season.