Farmers Get Tax Credit for Donating Food

CropsMEDFORD, Ore. — Governor Kitzhaber is signing a bill on Thursday aiming at bringing fresh food to hungry families.  Last month, state legislature unanimously passed Senate Bill 1541, better known as the crop donation tax credit.  This will give farmers tax credit if they donate raw natural food to food banks.

Farmers here in the Rogue Valley said this will give them the initiative to give back.

“By enlarged, most of the food at the food banks is processed and prepackaged… so when they are able to get fresh local food they just love it, and we love sharing the abundance of our valley with Oregonians of all incomes,” Luna Michelle, Happy Dirt Veggie Patch owner.

Michelle said the tax credit will help benefit her farm.  She said it will help cover the cost of picking, handling, and transporting the crops to food banks.