Family of Victim in Monica Case Speaks

Monica denied bailMEDFORD, Ore. — The second body found on accused murderer Susan Monica’s property in January has been identified, the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office announced Monday.

According to a news release, the Oregon State Police Crime Lab used DNA testing to identify the remains as 59-year-old Stephen Frank Delicino of Wimer. The sheriff’s office said Delicino worked as a handyman on Monica’s property. Detectives believe Monica killed Delicino in 2012 and buried his body on her property in Wimer.

The sheriff’s office said no one ever reported Delicino missing to police. Delicino’s brother Michael, who lives in Brookings, Ore., said Stephen had lost touch with his family over the past five years. He described Stephen as a “wanderer” who never stayed in one place for too long.

“He was a traveler, you know? He liked to travel a lot, and he’d do a lot of handiwork for a lot of people,” Michael Delicino said. He also said he remembered his brother as being kind-hearted, and wondered how he ended up in a deadly situation.

Police found two sets of remains on Monica’s property in January. One body was quickly identified as Roberty Haney, also a handyman, who was reported missing earlier that month. Investigators also believe Monica had been using Haney’s Oregon Trail Card after his death.

Monica is currently in the Jackson County Jail charged with the two murders. Her next court date is scheduled for September 8th.