Family of Missing Man Begin Search Party

MEDFORD, Ore. — A missing elderly man’s family is planning a search party in hopes of finding him.

87 year-old Truman Tollefson went missing around 5:00 p.m. Wednesday. Police say he was last seen at a Wells Fargo bank. His family saw a few surveillance pictures from the bank and believe Truman may be in danger. He has some memory issues.

“You can just see that he’s worried or stressed. And I mean maybe that’s just because that’s how we feel,  so we’re tricking our minds, but I don’t think that’s the case. Something had to have happened when he walked out of the bank,” said granddaughter Amanda Wolfe.

Truman’s family is unraveling all of the possibilities including the worst case scenarios.

“Where we’re getting suspicious is that we can’t find him. Even if he passed away driving. We would be able to find him or at least his car,” said Wolfe.

Now,  they’re asking the public for help. A search party is scheduled at 8:00 a.m. on Saturday starting at the Medford Safeway. The family plans to search from Medford out toward Ashland.

Wolfe said the family is trying to stay strong for each other but especially for Truman’s wife.

“My grandma is the one who isn’t mentally able. So she, she doesn’t know. She doesn’t get it. She asked where he is, where’s Truman and we just tell her that he’s at the store. It’s going to be bad when she finds out he’s not coming back,” said Wolfe.

Family and friends posted about 100 fliers on Friday and plan to post more on Saturday. If you recognize Truman, you’re asked to contact the Medford Police Department.


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  1. Larry Williams says:

    so what kind of car is he in ? this story does not help the general public aid in the search

    1. Diana Wolfe says:

      He was driving his heavily oxidized silver 1981 Buick Century 4 door Sedan.

  2. dd says:

    what kind of car does he drive?Maybe it would help you find him if people knew what kind of car to look for. I pray you find him .

  3. Jan says:

    He was driving a four-door 1981 Buick Century that is sliver and heavily oxidized. The Oregon license plates read NAL564.

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