Family of Hit and Run Victim Speaks Out

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MEDFORD, Ore. – An anonymous tip has lead to the arrest of a man who deputies say hit three kids walking on a busy Medford street. Investigators tracked the driver down to his home around noon on Tuesday.

Deputies say 42-year-old Othon Campos, Jr. struck three kids on Lozier Lane. They were sent to the hospital on August 31, 2012. Officials said Campos had removed an identifiable sticker from the back window of his truck and had the front-end damage repaired after the accident. One of the kids who suffered the most severe injuries during that hit and run is still in the hospital.

11-year-old Katelynne Strothers’  grandfather told NewsWatch12 there hasn’t been a day that’s passed where at least one family member has been by her side.

Katelynne is still recovering at a Portland hospital from a fractured skull and pelvis, bleeding and bruising of the brain and a bruised kidney; however, these are only some of the injures she is suffering from. Her uncle said this accident has brought the family closer together and says Katelynne is a fighter.

“It’s gonna kick her into high gear,” said Jacob Scharz. “It’s going to set into motion this fierce little fireball that isn’t gonna stop till she’s my grandmother’s age.”

The lead investigator says Campos Jr. admitted to the hit and run. But it took a team effort by the sheriff’s office and the Medford Police Department to make the arrest. They connected evidence left behind at the scene of the crash.

“That’s just an attitude you know that you have to have, a sort of never say die attitude. You have to keep on pushing forward with whatever evidence you have,” says deputy James Biddle.

Katelynne’s uncle says the family wants to move on from this tragedy and he has no doubt katelynne will get through it too.

“In the grand scheme of things, this is going to be a minor setback. She’ll just bounce right back from it,” he says.

Katelynne is moving into physical therapy. Family members said doctors believe she’ll she able to swim and jump, but there will be complications as she gets older.

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  1. Jane Smith says:

    If you take a look at this suspects records you will see that he has a long criminal history, yet he has always gotten away. He has already been given too many chances, hopefully he won’t be let off so easy this time. Enough is enough, take him off the streets.

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