Family Hit with Fake Money Scam

SuspectsMEDFORD, Ore. — A Craig’s List scam leaves one family without a Christmas this year.

A woman named Sue spoke to NewsWatch 12 about the incident. She posted an ad on the website to sell her I-pad for 5 hundred dollars.

A man contacted the family and purchased the device. Sue didn’t know anything was wrong, till she went shopping and tried to use a 20 dollar bill from the exchange. The clerk discovered the bill was fake, including the rest of the money. For Sue’s family, the 5 hundred dollars was going to go a long way. It was to pay back debt and for her family to have a Christmas. Sue underwent surgery recently, and her mother loaned her money.

“I had to borrow money from  my mom to pay for that  surgery and I was going to  pay her back. Plus, a little  extra for christmas gifts,” explained Sue.

Police are searching for three people. A few days before the Craig’s List scam, the Macy’s store reported three people trying to buy items using counterfeit bills.

Police believe one of those suspects is linked to the Craig’s List scam.

If you recognize any one of the three suspects, contact Medford Police.