Families Receiving Holiday Help

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MEDFORD, Ore. — Hundreds of families are getting an extra hand this holiday season, thanks to the public’s generosity and the work of countless volunteers.

After weeks of gathering donations, and connecting with needy families, volunteers spent Friday handing out bags of food and toys for its Christmas assistance.

This year, the Salvation Army says it is helping 784 families. They’re making sure people have enough for a big Christmas dinner, including a turkey and all the trimmings.

Then, for Christmas morning, bags of toys to put under the tree. Volunteers said they wanted to do their part to make sure that families had a little something to celebrate Christmas and families are thankful for all of the help.

“Very grateful for everything the community does. This is the greatest thing, it really is, for a lot of people who can’t get it,” said Tina Fisher, a person receiving help.

Volunteers showed up in the early morning hours on Friday to finish sorting, bagging and organizing everything from puzzles, games and toys to turkeys, hams, and veggies.

The Salvation Army will hold a smaller distribution on Saturday for anyone who couldn’t come by to get their toys and food on Friday.