Fallout From DEA Raid of High Hopes Farm

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RUCH, Ore. – The fallout from Tuesday’s federal raid on a medical marijuana grow site continues for growers and patients. A medical marijuana farm that grew for hundreds of people is now empty. Marijuana advocates say they are now trying to help with an overload of patients looking for medical pot. The High Hopes Farm in Ruch was one of the largest in the state, growing hundreds of plants for hundreds of patients.

Hundreds of plants were seized by the DEA during a raid on the medical marijuana farm Tuesday. Workers at the farm said federal agents also raided employees homes, taking computers, documents and pot. In a short statement the U.S. Attorney’s Office would only confirm the drug raids happened, and said the investigation is ongoing.

Workers at the High Hopes Farm said Owner James Bowman was not arrested on Tuesday, but Wednesday, he was not available for comment. The cannabis community center spent Wednesday trying to find patients new growers, but said the DEA raids from the past two years already forced growers to scale back their operations, to avoid becoming a target.

Marijuana advocates have said it appeared the high hopes farm was in compliance with state law. But the drug is illegal under federal law. The U.S. Attorney’s Office says marijuana growers are often selling the drug across the country for profit in May, Oregon U.S. Attorney Amanda Marshall said she would uphold federal laws against pot, and “aggressively prosecute large-scale marijuana growers and distributors.”

The Oregon U.S. Attorney’s previous statement on marijuana laws can be found here.