Fall Mornings, Summer Afternoons

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The weekend is here, and so is the sun. We’re going to start out the morning with cool Fall temperatures, then feel the heat as daytime highs climb well above average for this time of year, resembling Summer in the afternoon. High pressure is again building over the Pacific Northwest. This will minimize cloud cover away from the beach.

The warm air at the surface will keep overnight lows above average as well, helping to build a thermal trough from California into Oregon. Temperatures will climb into the 90s for many of the valleys in Southern Oregon and Northern California, which sounds normal for summer but is actually above average for this late in September.

Smoke from the numerous fires in the West will drift in many different directions, reducing air quality for cities located downwind. A slight shift in the wind direction can clean and clear the air very quickly. Temperatures remain much above average through the weekend, and it looks like it will be the middle of next week before valley temperatures ‘only’ rise into the mid-80s, which is still above-average.


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  1. Rick Ukena says:

    Hi there:

    Are we yet approaching “record dry spell” territory?

  2. Scott Lewis says:

    Hey Rick-

    Medford hasn’t had ANY rain since .07″ fell in July. August was completely dry, which actually sets a record for that month. September will be dry, as well. Rain should begin falling next month (October) although the climate prediction folks say it may be after that before our ‘rain season’ begins.

    We’ll run the numbers and keep you posted!


  3. Barb says:

    Hi Scott!

    Do you have any figures that are actually for Grants Pass on when we last had any measurable rain? I was chatting with a friend who lives in Austin, TX where they have a terrible drought. I was just curious how long it has been since we have had measurable rain. And, as you know, Medford and GP can really have different climates. ;)

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