Fairgrounds Calling All Homebrewers

7-26 brewingGRANTS PASS, Ore. – The Josephine County Fair is accepting admissions for the homebrew judging competition.

The fairgrounds were mostly silent Saturday in preparation for the 100th anniversary fair in a few weeks, with the exception of a small keg to welcome amateur brewers.

The competition has been a part of the fair for four years. Before then it was illegal for homebrewers to allow others to try their beer outside their home.

Now the contest, which features an awards ceremony at the fair itself, is growing each year.

“The first year we had I think 27 entries. Last year we had 48 individual entries,” said organizer Ernest Aldama. “This year hopefully we’ll get close to 100.”

In addition to the award ceremony, the winning brew will be put on tap at all Wild River Pizza locations in the area.

Entries will be accepted Tuesday and next Thursday of this coming week at the Josephine County Fairgrounds.