Fair Uses Social Media to Reach Guests

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CENTRAL POINT, Ore. — This year the Jackson County Fair is using social media to connect with more people and reach a larger audience.

Along with the new fair app introduced in the weeks leading up to the fair, fair board members are also using Facebook, Twitter, websites, and advertisements to communicate with guests.

This year Facebook “likes” doubled since June 1.  Fair officials are using this form of social media to keep in contact with guests. Fair-goers can send messages or post on the wall asking questions, and almost immediately, they will receive a response from one of the fair staff members.

“We are just trying to be more transparent and responsive, you have a question… I work really hard to find out the answer for you,” said Jim Teece, a Jackson County Fair board member.

Fair officials are also using Google Analytics to track views on their different websites. They can see how many people are visiting the page, what they are looking at on the page, and how long they are staying there.

This is helping to build data so fair staff can make accommodations and changes based on the likes and dislikes of visitors. They plan on taking all the information gathered from social media this year and apply it to next year’s fair to make it even better and more user friendly.