Extreme Makeover: The Volunteer Experience

By Yessenia Anderson & KDRV Staff

MEDFORD, Ore. — The McPhails gratitude stems from thousand and thousand of hours of generosity. A few of the volunteers that NewsWatch 12 spoke to say despite all the hard work, they would do it all over again.

Different volunteers listed a number of different reasons to sign up for the Extreme project. Some were fans of the show, some watched other volunteers and wanted to get involved, others just wanted to give back to the community. The construction site saw more than 3,000 volunteers, and zero conflict.

“We had an over abundance of volunteers which is a great problem to have in a situation like that” explained Volunteer Coordinator Michelle Gordon, “To have that many people working on one project and to not have issues with personality conflicts and things like that? Amazing.”

The volunteer duties ranged from machine operators to water distributors, each one valued just the same. For Bobbi Taylor, her part in painting the McPhail boys play set was her favorite contribution.

“Thought about the kids coming out there and playing and stuff like that, so that was really exciting,” she said.

One local landscaper, Juergen Steuber, took notes from his experience. “How they arranged it all and laid it out so it was really, really unique.”

After just a few days of volunteering he said he felt he needed to do more for this deserving family. “A years free labor and maintenance for the place and that’s what I’m doing right now, maintaining the place,” Steuber said.

When asked if they would repeat the hours of labor and time devoted, they all had the same response: yes.