Extreme Makeover: The McPhail Family, Home At Last

By Steven Sandberg

MEDFORD, Ore. — As we’ve seen, every effort of the Extreme Makeover, from the project leads, volunteers, and community, has gone toward one purpose: helping the McPhail family.

All of their hard work has allowed C.J., Lindsey and their three children to move into an incredible house. This wasn’t just the building of a new house; it was a television event, with TV cameras everywhere. The entire community stopped by to help, or just to look.

The McPhail family says despite all the amazing features this house has, one month after moving in, the most incredible thing is that they already feel at home. For the entire home’s perks, the most popular features are a big yard to play in and a bucket on a pulley.

“It’s kind of like Christmas time, you get your kids this great present and all they do is play with the box,” says C.J. McPhail.

It shows their three children are comfortable, and now, a month after the TV cameras left, so are C.J. and Lindsay.

“The last week, as kids get fingerprints on everything, it’s started to feel more and more like home, definitely,” Lindsay said.

A big adjustment is handling their sudden fame, and the fans it brings to their doorstep.

“We have up to 100 cars per day right now,” C.J. noted.

So much that the family put up a sign out front, saying people can look at the house, just at a safe distance. They say it’s a small price to pay.

“I’m so proud and thankful that the community has been so wonderful about that. We get to live here now, in this kind of a dream, and that it’s so personal, and that it was designed so perfectly for us,” said C.J.

Perfect for the children, two of whom have been diagnosed with autism. Different features were built with the boys’ autism in mind, like a shallow stream.

“Just walking to the creek is like a therapeutic experience,” said Lindsay.

They say the greatest experience, is living in something is something built just for them by a group of people wanting to give back.

“This is the home the community built,” C.J. affirmed.

The McPhail family says they are still getting used to living life as some kind of celebrities. So if people want to stop by and take a look at the house, they say they’re okay with that. After what the community did for them in building a new home, the McPhails say they will be forever grateful.