Extreme Makeover: Some Volunteers Unemployed

By Sharon Ko & KDRV Staff

MEDFORD, Ore. — Many of the volunteers were out of work when they signed up to help out.

Thousands of volunteers helped build the McPhails home, but Ron Register put the Extreme Makeover Project before his own endeavors.

“It’s such a good feeling to help, and to be out working and to be doing what I do,” Register explained.

During the time Ron Register volunteered he was looking for a job himself, but says volunteering came easy. It’s the first time he’s ever volunteered and says he’s glad his skills were put to use.

“A guy would ask, ‘what is that for?’ And I’d say: Just pay attention, you’ll see.”

Register has built houses for many years, doing everything from building the frame of house to concrete floors, but he still can’t find a job that will utilize his skills. “Helping buddies here and there, doing a little this and that, but nothing real steady,” he says.

Register says there are already other volunteer projects in the works. “I think that’d be cool, I’m all in.”