Extreme Makeover: From Design To Construction

By Bryan Navarro & KDRV Staff

MEDFORD, Ore. — Ark Built Construction led the quick build and designed the home for the family, but also for the cameras.

“We got the design finished and then we got the comment: ‘well that won’t work from the bus view.’ As a designer, we’d never heard that before,” explained Ken Snelling with Ark Built.

Everyone involved worked to create a custom home with a special touch for the McPhails. A lookout tower was welded together over several weeks at Pro Weld. It was escorted down Highway 62, before being perched high above the home.

“I felt like I had just won a trip to Hawaii, because everything fit and all the pressure was off,” said Jim Oberlander of Pro-Weld.

While the pressure was off of Pro-Weld, there were still lots of work to do otherwise. Excavators were used on site where more than 3,000 builders and volunteers worked at least 50,000 hours. Without the show’s strict timeline, this project likely would have taken nine months to a year.

“Just being able to produce such a wonderful project in 5-and-a-half days is quite a miracle,” said Rush Behnke with Ark Built.

Ark Built says the work brought out the best of the best from the Rogue Valley.

“We got to work with all these subs that normally compete against themselves, but now we’re all working as one big team. That had just won a championship. We felt like doing a good job for such a good family was a huge accomplishment,” said Snelling.

Between restaurants, windows, plumbing, excavation, and everything else, it’s estimated that more than 500 businesses donated their time, talents, and supplies. It’s hard to put a dollar amount on it, but at least one and a half million dollars was donated through man-hours and resources from local companies.