Extreme Makeover: Designing The New House

By Kaylin Krashesky & KDRV Staff

GRANTS PASS, Ore. — While the McPhails were content to live in their old house, they were ecstatic to live in the new home planned for them by the Makeover team.

The majority of what fills the inside of the McPhails’ new home is from Gates Furnishings in Grants Pass.

“Oh gosh, everything from mattresses to sofas to coffee tables to chandeliers to you know almost all the home furnishings they were able to get here,” said the owner of Gates Home Furnishing, Giff Gates.

Design producers from the show came up in advance to work with the business. Gates said he set up a budget of around $20,000, but he says the Extreme Makeover designers needed around $50,000. So, Gates got key vendors to pitch in so they could give the designers everything they needed for the inside of the McPhails home.

“They put together things that honestly we didn’t think of. They would mix things…very rustic things with very contemporary things and so we learned a lot by doing it. It was fun, I mean they have a lot of talent,” Gates said.

Gates says the designers, both on camera and off, worked hard to make the inside really feel like home to the McPhails. After talking with the designers about their dream home, the McPhails were sent off to Hawaii on vacation, and the family had no idea what was happening at the site of their new home.

“We wish we could have been here, or at least been a fly on the wall, to have seen this take place,” said C.J. McPhail.