Extra Fire Camp Food Donated

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GRANTS PASS, Ore. — The wildfires across southwest Oregon inspired an out-pouring of community support. People donated thousands of dollars’ worth of food to firefighters.

The extra food from the Douglas Complex ended up at a food pantry; from crackers to fresh fruit, this will be distributed to 4,000 families across Josephine County.

The Reaching Our Community Food Pantry, or ROC, serves thousands of low-income families twice a month. Earlier this week, forest officials donated about $33,000 worth of food to the organization and to the Men’s Gospel Rescue Mission.

The mission used the cooked food and gave the rest to the ROC. The ROC says, besides food, it received salt, pepper and other usable condiments. The organization says this is the first time it’s received donated food from a fire camp.

“This has helped tremendously; this food that we got, we can probably use in the next several months,” said ROC Manager Matt Miller.

The ROC has its own vegetable garden to help feed families. The organization also receives help through the Josephine County Food Bank. The Oregon Department of Forestry has also been giving its extra food to the ROC food pantry.