Extension Service Advocates Meet Tuesday

extension service

MEDFORD Ore. — Supporters of the Jackson County Extension Service are hoping to convince county commissioners to put a tax district on the ballot to help fund the programs.

Department heads and supporters of the extension service will meet with commissioners for a work session Tuesday morning. They’re hoping to convince the board to put an item on the May 2014 ballot creating an extension tax district to help the program make up for recent budget cuts.

The extension service runs programs like Master Gardeners and 4-H. Supporters of the service have already been gathering signatures to put the item on the ballot.

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  1. Ed says:

    Im getting tired of being taxed for B.S crap like this. I own my home but lost my job and income 3 years ago. Im paying my taxes with help from family. And now these people are now going to raise my taxes to pay for some kid to play with his pig. If little billy want’s to be in 4-H LET HIM OR HIS FAMILY PAY FOR IT. I along with a lot of other people don’t care about 4-H, It doe’s nothing for us. Master Gardeners What’s that do for anybody? Do they take care of my yard? NO. Do the 4-H people help take care of my dog and cat? NO So why should I or WE through away money to service that dont help us, me, or my family? We really don’t have any more money to speare. If you can’t pay for it, Do what I have to do You do without.

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