Explosion Speeds Up Security Changes

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MEDFORD, Ore. — The explosion at the Jackson County District Attorney’s Office last week means the D.A.’s Office is moving higher on the list of county construction projects.

Breakable glass and a security camera inside that doesn’t work are just some of features the Jackson County District Attorney’s office lacks when it comes to security.

The explosion last Wednesday has caught the attention of Jackson County officials. For about 3 to 5 years, the D.A.’s office has been on the county’s list of projects to be upgraded with a whole new building and better security features. Now, they’re higher up on that list.

“Any new building is going to have different features than this buildings. These buildings are older, just having us located in one situation, one building, you’d have a different floor plan, layout and so forth,” said Jackson County District Attorney Beth Heckert.

D.A. Beth Heckert plans to start making security changes now to its existing building. She’s working with the Medford Police Department to get some ideas, but will not be releasing what those security changes will be.