Hash Oil Manufacture Behind Explosion

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MEDFORD, Ore. — Several people are injured from a blast caused by making hash oil.

Monday night, on the 600 block of Royal Avenue, police found two men with severe burns and a 12-year-old girl with broken bones. That girl jumped out from the two-story apartment building to escape the blast. The two men were taken to a Portland hospital and the girl was taken to a Southern Oregon hospital.

At that apartment complex, police found items believed to be equipment used to make hash oil or honey oil, the oil is a purer, more potent marijuana byproduct. Anytime you mix flammable gas in a closed space, with any type of heat source nearby, an explosion can result. This blast is a prime example of a hash oil making process gone wrong.

It is legal to make hash oil if you have a medical marijuana card. There are several YouTube videos online demonstrating how it’s made. One video shows loose marijuana being packed into a glass tube, like a turkey baster and butane is poured through it; that oil drips down mixed with butane. To separate the butane from it a different heat source is used.

Without proper ventilation, the lingering vapors build up. Any open flame, like a cigarette or anything that can spark that gas, is going to cause an explosion.

“When it comes to dealing with any type of combustible fluid, whether or not you’re making hash oil or doing anything, anytime that you have combustible fumes, you got to make sure it’s in a well-ventilated are,” said Medford Police Lt. Mike Budreau

Hash oil is also called honey oil. Honey oil is a thicker and sticky form, users make this oil to draw out THC from marijuana. They “dab” this oil on their marijuana, giving them a more intense high.


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  1. fed up tenant says:

    Maybe now they will do something about the crackheads living here!
    Drug deals in parking lot, call the cops by the time they show up the crackheads are gone. Im going to do what I have to in order to get the heck out of here

    1. wellalright says:

      There is such an enormous difference between crack and dabs. you sounds ridiculous comparing the two things. get out of your room for an hour for once in your life and walk around a god damn big city. What you see in a day would make you chuckle at this story

  2. Rogue Valley Resident says:

    Probably a Meth Lab gone wrong!

  3. crystal m says:

    poor kid obviously drug related no telling if the kids was involved which is sad. so sad to see my hometown with all this crap running around.

  4. CannabisTV says:

    This is the result of the cannabis prohibition. Back about 90 years ago the same thing was happening with alcohol but it was worse. People were told they were evil and immoral for wanting to drink beer or wine so they resorted to illegally made stuff. Police forces poisoned alcohol barrels so that once drinkers started getting sick, paralyzed, blind or die, it would deter others from drinking. Improperly made “bathtub gin” and other moonshine type alcohol was the cause of lots of problems.

    We learned that Alcohol Prohibition was a monumental failure so it was abolished. We need to realize that Cannabis Prohibition has been a failure of even more epic proportions and it needs to be abolished. Oregon has the opportunity to be at the forefront of a newly created industry and our biggest competition is Washington. If we don’t wise up, we’ll be left in the dust as California and other states take control of the cannabis industry. Let’s bring jobs and sanity back to Oregon.

    1. Ed says:

      There stupid dry ice work’s better

    2. Dean says:

      What in the world are you talking about? There is no prohibition on pot. Pot is more legal now than it has been in many years. It is more likely that this is a result of the legalization of pot. The article even stated that making hash oil is legal for card holders.I think your whole statement is proof that pot has some very damaging side effects, like possible retardation.

  5. Annie says:

    Oh boy…Another perfect example of pot brain dead.
    Prohibition worked far better than the crud going on now! I have nothing again a sensible drink occasionally but drinking is out of control & now the druggies want to legalize stuff that has proven disastrous. To every & anyone who has to be near it.
    Users-whether the alcohol drug or the ‘recreational’ drugs can’t think at all let alone straight.
    Who pays for the explosion? When does the payment quit?
    Do you know what the tally on drinking driver crimes are? Multiply that by a hundred & that is what you will get if they pass any of the druggy bills.
    Left in the dust? That is NOT a bad thing. Only an idiot will jump off a bridge because “everyone else is doing it”.
    America is out of control.
    TAKE IT BACK! please…

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