Excessive Rain Draws Tree Fall Concerns

MEDFORD, Ore. – The heavy rain that has hit Southern Oregon and Northern California means more trees are in danger of coming down. Arborists with Southern Oregon Tree Care have been busy taking care of fallen in trees throughout the Rogue Valley.

Typically late November and December is a slow time of year for Southern Oregon Tree Care, but the heavy amounts of rain has had their phone ringing more than usual. The rain has saturated the soil weakening the tree’s base and ability to hold the tree up. Workers with the Southern Oregon Tree Service said oak trees have been a common problem lately, including two different oak tree calls this morning.

Arborist Will Gingg says his trucks are fueled up and saws are sharpened and ready to go if strong winds come through the area and take down more trees. Mushrooms at the base of a tree are a sign of root decay and could mean that the tree’s base is starting to weaken.

The combination of root rot, saturated soil and strong winds usually results in a tree coming down. If you have any trees that concern you arborists recommend having a certified tree risk assessor come take a look.