Ex-Smokers Gain More Weight

By Sharon Ko

MEDFORD, Ore. — Ashing out cigarettes for good has widespread health benefits, but experts say it also widens your waist size. Researchers say the average weight gain after giving up smoking is much higher than previously thought, about 11 pounds within a year.

Experts used over 60 studies in Europe and discovered that most weight was gained in the first three months. One resident says her daughter has tried to quit several times, and each time, she put on pounds. She believes stress also plays a part.

“There is a lot of stress when you try to quit smoking,” says Jeannie Savage. “And if stress comes in from outside, which in her case she is a busy girl, and she does have a lot of stress.”

Experts say appetite and sense of taste improve when quitting. They say the weight gain can be temporary.