“Every 15 Minutes” Highlights DUI Danger

every 15 minutesROGUE RIVER, Ore. — High school students in Rogue River are learning the deadly consequences of drunk driving.

“Every 15 Minutes” is a two day program that stages a fatal crash on the school’s campus. The program is designed to fake the deaths of one student every 15 minutes.

One student plays the role of the drunk driver, will take a Breathalyzer test, and taken to the Jackson County Jail. Organizers say many teenagers share the belief that they could never be the driver or the victim of a DUI related crash.

“If there’s just that one thing, that one mistake you make, it can have an impact on not only your life but on those around you, she kills her best friend,” said Willow Rose, a Senior at Rogue River High School.

Part of the crash scene is pre-taped with victims and their parents at the hospitals to be shown after the live performance. Parents have to sign a consent form to allow their children to participate in the scene.

Several local fire departments and hospitals are participating in the program. On Friday, the program continues with a fake funeral assembly.

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  1. Stinki says:

    While I appreciate the hands-on, in-your-face approach…. It may not be real enough, especially with all the video games and movies today desensitizing our youth younger and younger.

    The old movie ‘Route 66″ we all had to watch when I was in school was enough to scare me straight! Do they even show this in schools anymore?

    Or let me guess… it’s too harsh, or not “PC’ enough for today’s brainwashed public schools?


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