Event Offers Christmas Meals To Hungry

MEDFORD, Ore. — Medford resident Jennifer Wright had plenty of Christmas spirit despite falling on hard times.

“I just recently lost a job so it wasn’t as eventful as we thought it was going to be,” said Wright.

Wright and hundreds of others came to Kids Unlimited in Medford Christmas Day for the annual “Feed the Valley” event which includes a warm meal with all the trimmings and other items to spread holiday cheer.

“Today we fed probably around 500 people. We gave away probably 500 to 600 pieces of warm clothes, blankets, hats, as well as toys to all the kids and actually shopping bags for people to take groceries home as well,” said event organizer and president of Rogue Valley Charity Events Travis Sprague. He said anyone and everyone is welcome from people having trouble making ends meet to retired couples.

“We have every range of people you could imagine. We have people who don’t have anywhere to go and we have people who have everything. We don’t ask questions. You come through the door we point you to where the food is,” said Sprague.