Evacuation from Suspicious Package

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MEDFORD, Ore. — A suspect is in custody after bring a box of rocks to a firework stand and claiming in contained explosives.

When law enforcement arrived at the scene they called a bomb technician into exam the suspicious box.

According to firework stand worker, Crystal Carlson, the suspect came into the stand mumbling and saying his yellow cardboard box contained explosives.  He wanted someone at the stand to anaylize the explosives.   Carlson’s son told the man he would have to wait outside.  Carlson quickly called police.

The suspect set the box down by a nearby porta-potty.  According to Carlson, when police showed up he “ran to them.”

Area businesses and a nearby mobile home park were evacuated temporarily while police investigated the suspicious box.

Oregon State Police Bomb Technician, Blain Allen, said Carlson did the right thing by calling police immediately.

“The bottom line is if you think you have an explosive and explosive component or an explosive device.. don’t touch
it don’t move it… leave it exactly where it is.  Don’t move it for my convenience or anybody else’s,” said Allen.