Evacuated Residents Return to Copco Road

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NEAR ASHLAND, Ore. — Residents are slowly moving back onto Copco Road after a frantic rush to get out of the evacuation area last Thursday.

Many residents in the area said they knew there was a fire in the area, but had no idea how fast it was moving, and were upgraded from a level one to a level three evaluation in just a few hours.

Several residents have reported that they were not contacted by officials during the evacuation, and instead heard about it from friends and family.
“There was the strike force commander, I believe his title is, [and] he talked to my husband kind of after the fact, but nobody contacted us at all,” said Judy Trautman, who lost her home in the fire.

All the residents in the level three evacuation area left their homes by Thursday evening.

The Jackson County Sheriff’s Department issued the evacuation notice, and have not responded to multiple attempts to contact them for answers to the concerns Copco residents are raising.