EPHS Students Awarded Ford Scholarship

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EAGLE POINT, Ore. – Three students are becoming the first members of their families to go to college.

Manny Fletes, Justus Breshears, and Orlando Delacruz were each awarded the Ford Scholarship, which helps pay 90 percent tuition for four years. The Eagle Point High School Seniors learned about the honor this week.

“It’s a great difference and it’s going to change my life forever,” said Fletes.

The three students are a part of the Trio program at EPHS, which helps low-income students apply for scholarships and get into college. The students credit the help of the Trio staff and advisors for helping them reach higher education.

“I’ve literally been here every single day during school,” said Delacruz. “Either working on scholarships, or when I have a free period, just hanging out with them.”

Delacruz said he plans on attending Southern Oregon University to study communications and video production. Fletes will go to the University of Oregon and focus on international studies. And Breshears plans to combine her knowledge of auto repair with business classes at Portland State University.

“I want to open my own automotive shop one day,” she said.

The Ford Scholarship is awarded to students who show leadership and initiative in school and in their community, and who also demonstrate a financial need. Trio program coordinator Liz Fletcher said the three students pushed themselves to succeed over the past four years.

“I’ve never seen people work as hard as these students,” Fletcher said. “Ever.”