“Enhance It” Proposals Being Pitched

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WHITE CITY, Ore. — $15 million in transportation funds will go out to Rogue Valley projects starting in 2015. The race for that money starts now.

On Tuesday, state, local and county leaders pitched plans for so-called “enhance it” projects. Each of the 18 proposals is vying for some of the money available between 2015 and 2018.

The proposals include everything from a $400,000 project to connect the Bear Creek Greenway and Highway 62 with ramps to a more than $9 million project to add a climbing lane to the I-5 southbound lanes over Sexton Pass.

The Rogue Valley Area Commission On Transportation will have to eventually narrow the list of projects to fit within that $15 million budget. They will work on prioritizing the list over the next several months to have a final list in October.

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  1. andrea parks says:

    how about a electric train system linking Medford to Portland.

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