End of Season Results for Parks

Howard Prairie Resort OpensHOWARD PRAIRIE, Ore. — The summer camping and fishing season is over, and that means the campground and other facilities are Howard Prairie will be closing by the end of the week.

This year, Jackson County cancelled the contract with its former concessionaire and decided to run things themselves. County Parks also contracted with Mt. Ashland to operate its restaurant and resort.

Parks Director John Vial says that while it was a scramble to get things going early, the arrangement has worked well for the county.

“The lake was fairly low. We also had 2 to 3 weeks of smoke,” said Vial. “Remember back in August we had the forest fires in Josephine County. That impacted that area very heavily and we had lots and lots of camping cancellations for people who didn’t want to come up cause they didn’t want to camp in the smoke.”

Overall, Vial says the county did well. Mt. Ashland officials also say they came out in the black with the restaurant and resort concession, which helps them bridge the gap between the ski area operations.