Emigrant Lake Filling up Quickly

Emigrant Lake

EMIGRANT LAKE, Ore. — Parks in Jackson County are looking forward to the holiday weekend. Officials say hot weather coming in during a holiday weekend means the parks will be busy.

Some campsites are already completely booked, while others have a few spaces left, but those few spaces are rented out on a first come first serve basis. RV camping lots are sold out at Emigrant Lake for the 4th of July weekend. A few spots remain Monday, but it won’t stay that way for long.

“You know people will start coming in Monday, Tuesday, but Wednesday is going to be the very busy day,” says Director of Roads and Parks John Vial. “Wednesday evening is when most people will start coming into the parks.”

If you’re trying to get one of those first come first serve sites, leave early. Howard Prairie and Willow Lake still have openings available. Park officials say use caution when starting campfires. Fireworks are banned from all Jackson County Parks.