Emergency Training In Ashland

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ASHLAND, Ore. — On Wednesday morning, the city of Ashland held an annual training session for emergency situations.

CERT volunteers are spread out in teams in Ashland and reporting what they find back to a central location where city officials then decide what the next best step would be for handling the emergency situation.

It’s all part of a a training exercise and this year the emergency situation is a severe winter weather situation in which the city is facing a power outage and road closures. Officials say the training gives useful experience to the more than 20 agencies involved.

“There’s many components of the city that they just have a higher comfort level of how they’re going to operate and have a better understanding of their responsibilities and the tools that they have available to them, so if it really does happen, we perform much better,” said Ashland Fire Chief John Karns.

Officials say Wednesday’s exercise is a low frequency yet high risk event that emergency responders need to be ready for should it ever happen in Ashland. Situations in Wednesday’s disaster relief exercise ranged from landslides to looters.