Emergency Teams Prep for Earthquake

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CENTRAL POINT, Ore. — This weekend community response teams in Jackson County are gearing up for an earthquake set to rattle our region sometime in the future.

On Saturday, volunteers met with other emergency responders from across the region to practice disaster drills as part of the Jackson County Fault Assault 2014.

Community emergency response teams, better known as CERT, from around the Rogue Valley gathered in Central Point.  CERT along with other first responders and firefighters from Fire District Three split into groups.  They practiced staged scenarios and mock building inspections.

“It’s real important to know and understand how another organization operates, and knowing the key players in that organization… you don’t want the event to be the first time you meet them,” said Mike Hussey, Jackson County Fire District Three Battalion Chief.

Volunteers said by practicing emergency situations, they learn how to stay calm, handle stress, and know the proper actions to take in the case of a real-life disaster.

If you are interested in learning more about the CERT program, contact the CERT division in your area.