Emergency Responders Prepare for Holiday

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MEDFORD, Ore. — Local firefighters and law enforcement officers are gearing up for a potentially busy night. The fire danger level is now at high for Jackson County and firefighters say that won’t mix well with fireworks and barbecues.

Jackets, helmets and boots will probably get a lot of use over the holiday weekend. The Fourth of July holiday often means an active night ahead for emergency responders. Fireworks, barbecues are an added source of ignition, and because of the added sources, Medford Fire added more resources. Two extra brush rigs and three extra firefighters are ready to respond to any call.

Local law enforcement officers also expect to be busy. Oregon State Police has extra troopers on the road this Fourth to keep the freeways safe through the Fourth to July 6. For the Fourth of July evening, an extra person will be out in Jackson County and this weekend you can expect even more.

Troopers say the more folks traveling, the more officers are needed. Whether it’s a crash, or a fire, both officials seem to agree, the evening will be eventful. This 4th of July may be interesting.

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  1. Lana says:

    We contacted the non-emergency police dispatcher and we were told that the City of Medford only had two officers that were on Fireworks detail. Does not sound like much of a “crackdown” to me. It is 11:10pm and we are still hearing very loud booms from the park that we live by. These people have no concern for the majority of us who have to get up early to go to work, or our pets that are completely freakout. Earlier in the evening we saw a little dog running down the middle of the busy street: we tried to get it to come to us but it was too scared. The people setting off the illegal fireworks are not celebrating what the 4th of July truly means. Both young or old they are just irresponsible people who only think of themselves. The only way to stop the problem is to have a law where the actual Fireworks stores are fined if they sell these illegal fireworks no matter if they are in the city or county. Someone needs to do something, as we will all be hearing these loud booms for several more days. It is now 11:28pm and there are still people in the park setting off loud one.

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