Emergency Preparedness in Ashland

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ASHLAND, Ore. — September is National Preparedness Month. The City of Ashland is prepping their citizens with information and material in case of a natural disaster.

The “Ashland Is Ready” event took place Saturday at the Ashland Armory. A sizable crowd came out to join Ashland Fire and Rescue in learning the proper protocols to take in case of a natural disaster.

Different presentations were given throughout the four hour seminar. At the end, people got the chance to build their own 72 hour emergency kit. One participant says the presentation taught him how to handle emergency situations that he would not have known how to otherwise. He says now he feels prepared.

“Have a plan, put it into practice, be prepared get the supplies, be proactive rather than reactive in a situation,” said Ron Timin, an Ashland is Ready attendee.

Each emergency preparedness kit is equipped with bottled water, first aid kit, food bars, flashlights, and more.

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  1. Charlotte Fredericks says:

    Let’s promote Medford, and other local areas doing the same emergency preparedness process!

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