Emergency Prep: Helmet and Sneakers

tornadoes_9MANHATTAN, Kan. — Experts are now advising you include a bicycle helmet and tennis shoes emergency kits.
A report found that the 2011 Joplin tornado resulted in a lot of head injuries from falling debris.
So, experts are now saying to wear a helmet during a tornado warning while hiding under a sturdy support.
Aalso make sure you put on some tennis shoes.  Kansas State University Climatologist Mary Knapp says “After an event like that, there’s a lot of broken glass all over the place. It can be in the carpet. It can be in the grass and so having sturdy shoes, and again we’re not talking flip flops, we’re talking sturdy tennis shoes or boots or something of that nature so that you have the best protection from any of that debris that might be out there.”
An emergency kit should also include food, water, a weather radio, cash and any medication you take.