Emergency Crews Train for Shootings

sko WALL SHOOTERMEDFORD, Ore. — Southern Oregon emergency responders are preparing for the possibility of a gunman taking over a school or any public place. Several agencies joined together on Tuesday afternoon to train on active shooter situations.

It was an all-day training event for Medford Police, the SWAT Team and Medford Fire Rescue. They did some classroom work and then did some scenario-based training.

One of the scenarios in the joint training was to secure an area and allow paramedics to treat the injured.

“We know our people and they know their people. We meet on the street but  we don’t interact very well together. So, getting us together to train helps us get on the  same page. So we can build trust and know what they’re going to do and move,” said Medford Fire Battalion Chief, Brian Fish.

Medford Police say they changed their training tactics after the Colorado shooting. So, in active shooter situations, they will not wait for SWAT, but if patrol officers arrive on scene first, they will go in to handle the situation and secure the area.

“Everybody that is a sworn policeman is trained in this and the people that get their first are the people that are handling that situation so they can have an expeditious response,” said Medford Police Sgt. Josh Reimer.