Elephant Seal Headed to Pittsburgh Zoo

Coolio 1CRESCENT CITY, Ore. — A one and a half year-old elephant seal is on it’s way to the Pittsburgh Zoo from Crescent City.

Officials said the seal named Coolio will be the first Northern Elephant Seal in a zoo or aquarium in the United States. Coolio was found last fall at Pebble Beach in Crescent City malnourished and with damage to his eyes.
Over the past several months, volunteers have nursed him back to health and taught him how to eat fish.

Because he is blind, Coolio¬†couldn’t be released back into the wild, and will now be the newest addition to the Pittsburgh Zoo.

“It’s pretty awesome to be able to place him after all the care and work that went into saving his life and getting him back in good condition,” said Northcoast Marine Mammal Center Dr. Dennis Wood.

Coolio was loaded into a polar bear cage loaned from Sea World San Diego and is now on a truck headed to Oakland where he will be loaded onto a Fed Ex airplane Wednesday morning before landing at his new home Wednesday afternoon.

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  1. George Vilahu says:

    Luck seal. Had he washed ashore in Denmark, I sure those idiots would have killed him, since even healthy animals are not safe once they fall into the hands of institutions there.

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