Elementary Schools Get Weather Books

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ASHLAND, Ore. – Two fifth grade classes at Walker Elementary in Ashland received weather books delivered by StormWatch 12’s own Scott Lewis and Megan Parry. The books have information and activities that relate to the weather here in southern Oregon.

One of the classes, Mr. Cottle’s 5th graders, studied outer space and focused on the things that effect the weather. Cottle says the books will help his students connect what they learned earlier to their current unit.

“Anytime you can look back and say where is your prior learning, what did you learn before and how can apply that here. Then further in the year we touch base with it again and create those experiences that makes learning that much deeper and richer,” said Mr. Cottle.

Mr. Cottle’s 5th graders recently went on a field trip to Crater Lake where they will return in the spring to go snow shoeing.