Electronic Cigarette Company Expands

ec blendMEDFORD, Ore. — EC Blend is growing rapidly in response to an increase in demand for electronic cigarettes. In a sixth month period, EC Blend went from one retail store in the city, to three.

The most recent addition in the expansion is on Riverside Avenue. The business also operates a production facility that makes the liquid that goes inside of the vaping device.

Not only are there three times the retail shops in Medford, but they are all open longer.

And the online business is even busier. EC Blend sells to individuals and wholesalers, recently growing to ship to 41 countries.

Management says it’s all to facilitate to the rapid growth in the e-cigarette market. “We have been automating some of our processes for bottling and packaging we have purchased several new pieces of equipment for bottling and packaging as well as streamlining the processes we already have in place,” said Customer Service Manager Tim Churchill.

In 2012, the business employed 32 people and moved up the following year to 122 employees and still hiring.