Election Affects Affordable Care Act

MEDFORD, Ore. – Now that President Obama has been re-elected, portions of the Affordable Care Act will continue to roll out. On Thursday, NewsWatch12 spoke with a Medford man who represents more than 500 physicians in the Rogue Valley contracted to work with health insurance companies.

Prime Care CEO Mike Bond said that not a whole lot will change come January 2013 for the local healthcare industry. Most of the facets of the Affordable Care Act that take affect at the first of next year are administrative; insurance companies will be required to start to standardize the paperwork they use to reduce their administrative costs.

The payroll tax for Medicare people making over $250,000 a year goes up significantly and there’s a sales tax imposed on medical devices, but come January first 2014 more major parts of the act take effect. Mike Bond thinks most of the county’s doctors are taking a very cautious wait and see approach with the Affordable Care Act possibilities, but insurance companies are reacting differently to three major provisions kicking in.

Come 2014, insurance companies can’t health-screen patients or pick-and-choose who to cover; and health care exchanges will come into play, giving them competition and giving patients new options for buying health care.