“El Chapo” Arrest Impacts in Medford

chapoMEDFORD, Ore. — Hundreds of demonstrators in Mexico are demanding freedom for the drug lord “El Chapo.” Joaquin Guzman is one of the worlds most wanted men for drug trafficking, and his arrest could mean a hitch for local operations.

Medford area drug and gang enforcement officers say they’ve been hearing his name since the late nineties. Experts day he’s responsible for nearly 25% of drugs brought into the United States. Medford is designated as a high intensity drug trafficking area. Police believe that the I-5 corridor plays a significant role in the trafficking.

Lt. Kevin Waldruff with the Medford Area Drug and Gang Enforcement explains that his arrest is crucial to keeping drugs out of the country: “It’s a win for Oregon. It’s a win for the rogue valley. It’s a win for the US and a win for Mexico.”

Right now it is too early to see the direct impacts Guzman’s arrest will have on Medford. Experts believe someone will eventually take over the operation and meth trafficking in his absence, and therefore it will continue through Medford.

As for El Chapo, he faces several charges in Mexico and the U.S. including: drug trafficking and money laundering. Mexico’s ambassador to the U.S. says that Guzman will need to serve out his time in Mexico before he can be extradited.