Ed Chun Travels to D.C. for Address

WASHINGTON D.C. — South Korea’s President is visiting America for the first time, addressing lawmakers on Capitol Hill.

During the address to the Joint Session of Congress, Park Geun-Hye said her country will never accept a nuclear-armed North Korea. She also said South Korea’s success against its neighbor’s threat, is world success.

“The peninsula is home to the only divided nation state that directly faces the threat of a nuclear weapon,” President Park stated. “It is an ideal test bed of future free of nuclear arms. If we can pull it off on the Korean peninsula we can pull it off anywhere else.”

This is Park’s first overseas trip since becoming president. She met with President Barack Obama yesterday. Among those in attendance was Medford resident Ed Chun. Mr. Chun was selected as Representative Greg Walden’s special guest last week.

After Wednesday’s address, Walden and Chun met President Park at a special reception in the U.S. Capitol hosted by speaker of the house John Boehner. After the speech and reception, Walden and Chun recorded a video message reflecting on the special occasion.

Chun was born in South Korea, then immigrated to the United States with his family in 1968. He has lived in the Rogue Valley since 1995.