Eco-Friendly Business Enters Investment Contest

April 4, 2012

By Bryan Navarro

CRESCENT CITY, Calif. —┬áIt starts with a roll of paper and ends up as a lip balm tube, patented as The Eco Tube. Beyond the eco tube, there’s also the eco jar for shea butter and other creams. The paper doesn’t leak or fall apart because the products inside are oil-based, and don’t contain water.

The idea started four years ago when the body of a dead whale washed up on a Crescent City Beach. It had starved to death because its stomach was full of plastic. At that time, CEO & Founder of Eco Vision, Ellery West, was making organic body care products, but the sustainability of the packaging didn’t match what was inside.

“Part of our vision of seeing all the plastic packaging that we use and throw away and it lasts for thousands of years,” says West, “These kind of packages can be used and recycled or composted in your backyard.”

Since then, Eco Vision has created biodegradable packaging in several sizes. Eco Vision is hoping to up the investment money from the Southern Oregon Angel Network. Eco Vision says the most important part of this whole process has been getting feedback from the S.O. Angels. The mentoring and coaching has helped the company improve its business plan.