Eating Healthy During the Holidays

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From the office, to your friend’s house, to your own house, this is the month of holiday parties, but all of those sweet treats don’t have to destroy your diet. Sherri Sexton, a clinical dietitian at Rogue Regional Medical Center, shares some holiday health tips.

Eat a little before going to a party. Studies have shown that a first course consisting of a large green salad with a light dressing, or a bowl of broth-based vegetable soup, can reduce the total calories we eat during a meal.

Control portions. Studies have shown that the more food we’re served, the more we will eat, even if we don’t particularly like what we’re eating! Keep your portions small, especially with calorie-heavy foods like gravy, eggnog, and desserts

Put it on a plate. Using a small plate will help control portions, it’s hard to keep track of how much food we’re eating when you nibble without using a plate.

If you don’t love it, don’t eat it. Why waste calories on foods that don’t knock your socks off? One bite is usually enough to tell whether you love it.

Savor every bite. Sit down, relax, and enjoy every bite of your meal. Eating slowly will help you enjoy the meal and will give your brain time to receive the signal that your stomach is full. After eating, if you’re still hungry, wait 20 minutes.

Satisfy a craving with a few bites. A piece of pecan pie or glass of eggnog can set you back by more than 400 calories. To stay in maintenance mode, enjoy just a few bites of such rich foods.

Keep moving. Exercise is important for maintaining weight loss it is also essential in helping us cope with stress. Getting regular activity can actually give us more energy to tackle our long holiday “to-do” list. If you can’t get to the gym, use strategies like park your car on the last row and walk to the mall. Use the stairs at the mall when shopping.