East Coast Braces For Blizzard

(CNN) — A potentially historic blizzard is heading straight for New England and people in several northeast states, including New Jersey, are bracing for the big storm.

Newark’s mayor says the storm could dump up to 17 inches of snow on the city. He says people need to be ready for the messy weather.

“Right now, I’m preparing for the worst and I’m having, obviously, the city of Newark to prepare for the worst. I’m asking individuals to do the same thing,” Mayor Cory Booker said at a press conference regarding the storm. The mayor also says the city has dozens of salt trucks out now preparing the roads. Still, he is urging people to stay home during the storm if possible.

The storm is expected to impact tens of millions of people and it could set new records, according to the National Weather Service. Areas that were pounded by Superstorm Sandy are expected to be hit by this system as well.

Up to two feet of snow is expected in some cities, including Boston and the strong winds are predicted to push ocean waves onto New England’s coastline. Thousands of flights into and out of the region have been canceled.