Easier Air Travel With Disabilities

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MEDFORD, Ore. – Flying can be difficult for the everyday traveler, but for children with disabilities, the experience can be even harder, but a first-of-its-kind program in Southern Oregon wants to help.

Alaska Airlines is teaming with the non-profit Families for Community for an event to teach families with children with disabilities about the challenges of air travel, and ways to create a better travel experience.

On February 9th, 25 families will meet at the Medford Airport, and will go through a simulated travel experience; from buying a ticket, going to security, boarding a plane, taxiing on the runway, and going to the baggage claim. Organizers from Families for Community said each step poses challenges for people with disabilities, and this event will help show how to deal with them.

“By doing this, we’re creating a curriculum that can be used in other areas all across the pacific northwest,” said Emilie Sampson of Families for Community.

The group said the upcoming event is fully booked, but they are putting extra families on a waiting list for future events.