Early Morning Showers on Sunday

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The last round of precipitation to hit our area will arrive very early Sunday morning. A weak system is pushing a cold front in that will fizzle out as soon as it hits the coast. A pronounced rain shadow will occur and the heaviest amounts of rain will fall in the Cascades and at the coast. The valleys and basin will just see spotty shower activity if anything at all. Northern California may also see very isolated showers but for the most part it will just be cloud coverage.

A very pronounced high pressure ridge will build into the area starting Sunday afternoon. As it moves in, winds will shift to an offshore flow at the coast and therefore the incoming moisture will be held at bay offshore. This will set up a marine layer that will sit off the coast throughout the day on Sunday. Therefore partly cloudy skies will be experienced at the coast through Sunday. Everywhere else will see a decrease in cloud coverage starting in the late morning hours. Most areas will see cloudless skies by the afternoon. Some leftover moisture and the temperature reaching the dewpoints will create some early morning fog in the valleys and at the coast on Monday morning. As the sun comes out, the land will heat up and the fog will dissipate. Monday is proving to be the warmest day with no clouds and temperatures will run near 20 degrees above average. With the lack of cloud coverage during the week, high temperatures will routinely get anywhere from 10-15 degrees above average. The dry weather will continue into the weekend.

Meteorologist Seth Phillips

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