Smoking Near Oxygen Tank Starts Fire

MEDFORD, Ore. — More than thirty firefighters responded to an early morning house fire on Willamette Avenue in Medford just after midnight Friday.

Officials said flames damaged much of the interior of the house, but the four people living inside were able to get out safely. The house next door suffered minor damage to its outside walls but no one was in the home at the time.

After investigation, the fire was determined to be accidental and a result of one of the occupants attempting to smoke while on a portable oxygen tank. Medford Fire-Rescue would like to remind the public that people utilizing medical oxygen need to take precautions.

Oxygen use while smoking or using open flames nearby can be deadly. A combustible material that ordinarily would be difficult to ignite can ignite easier and burn vigorously in an oxygen enriched atmosphere.

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  1. theresa jermain says:

    Surprised he didn’t blow off his face with him being hooked up to the oxygen. He was very lucky,

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