Eagle Point Votes on Dispensaries

3-25 jbo marijuanaEAGLE POINT, Ore. – City leaders in Eagle Point have decided to temporarily ban medical marijuana dispensaries in city limits.

The issue passed with a 6-1 vote during Tuesday’s city council meeting. A moratorium will be in effect until May 2015, unless the council decides to end it sooner. City leaders said the temporary ban would give them more time to get clarification on state rules regarding dispensaries.

“I don’t want to debate on whether it’s good or bad pharmaceutically to have medical marijuana or not, right at this time anyway,” said Eagle Point mayor Bob Russell. “But I think we can sit around the table and hammer out a good compromise for everybody, eventually”

Russell says they’ve only had one dispensary applicant so far. Even if they did allow dispensaries, the only spot in town that will support them is the small stretch on Crater Lake Highway near Miguel’s. State rules regulating distance from schools will prevent dispensaries from going into place elsewhere in town.