Eagle Point Students Compose A Song

EAGLE POINT, Ore. — Kids at one elementary school proved that they could not only carry a tune, but also actually create one. Students at Hillside Elementary School in Eagle Point spent the day creating songs.

“Our schedule is so tight, between reading and math those are the main things that we have to teach and so doing something fun like this that’s totally out of the ordinary- we get the musical instruments brought in, he’s playing guitar for them it’s just really great,” says Kindergarten Teacher Kaitlyn Millsap

“Uncle Buck” and Elizabeth Travel to different schools and help students come up with ideas and create their very own song.

“They’re learning brainstorming and how to come up with ideas and create stories,” says Elizabeth, “They’re learning rhyming there’s so many different things that are incorporated in learning this song and learning how to write a song.”

These kindergarteners composed a song about oceans. Elizabeth adds motions to the lyrics and the kids sing and play along, leaning about animals as well. They will practice, and perform the songs next week, once in the morning for the school, and once at night for parents.